What could cause difficulty in sliding your sliding doors?

If your Sash window repairs The Mornington Peninsula , you could not slide properly. Likewise, the following factors will not let your doors work properly.
Dirt on the rollers
If you can move the sliding door freely, it is because of the rotation of the rollers present in the bottom part of the setup. Whenever there is an issue with this roller, your door will not move properly. For instance, let us assume that your rollers have got full of dirt. Now, the roller will be heavy and will not be smooth as before. It will cause it to get stuck while rolling. It is the reason that you feel lost in the smoothness of the door movement. So, you should remove the debris from your rollers and clean them.

Issues with track
Your track is responsible for keeping your doors in the right position and housing the rollers that move the door. However, if there is a misalignment in your track, your door will not function or slide properly. For instance, let us consider that your track is bent inward. So, there will be physical contact between the roller and your track’s material. Hence, the roller will not rotate when you pull the door. It will get stuck. Similarly, when the track is bent outward, you could pull the door out of the track at times due to dislocation issues. On both occasions, your door will not work as it is intended to do so. You should set these bends right to get your door to the previous functionality. Some people will use wood, rubber, and pilers to make these bends go away from the track.
Misplaced rollers
Let us assume that your rollers are not in line with your track. Now, you should adjust the glass, track, and rollers.