Experience psychedelic trips with golden teacher effect

Much of what surrounds the psychedelic experience is a mystery that has piqued scientists’ curiosity for decades. Before the popularity of LSD during the 1960s, many scientists experimented with chemical and natural compounds that caused altered states of consciousness.
As a result of these and many other experiments that have been carried out with these substances, science had discovered that after ingesting any of the mushrooms or other hallucinogenic substances, the brain begins to generate connections causing various parts of the brain to begin to communicate with each other, when before they didn’t.

This may indicate that the brain’s hyperconnectivity, the creation of new connective channels between regions, may be the cause of the feeling of understanding and introspection. These side effects lead scientists to believe that treating some psychological illnesses such as depression and bipolar and post-traumatic disorders is possible.
The substances produced by the golden teacher effect (golden teacher effet)
This mushroom is one of the most demanded due to its strong effects and high fertility. The effects are produced by two specific substances obtained from this fungus, and they are psilocybin and psilocin.
The first is a psychoactive compound that is a precursor to psilocin. Once you eat the mushroom, your body will begin to synthesize to release both substances. When absorbed, psilocin will enter the bloodstream on its way to the brain. The substance’s effects will begin to be felt in a period between thirty and sixty minutes.
Effects of psilocybe cubensis or golden master
The effects caused by the psilocybe cubensis produce a series of sensations that could even be classified as extracorporeal. The sensations will begin to come progressively depending on the dose and the time elapsed. If you’ve done this before, the effects may fade. However, they will remain powerful.
These mushrooms are used in many shamanic rituals. The altered state of consciousness allows whoever ingests it to have hallucinations and vivid dream experiences, which produces a reflective and spirited state. Many people tend to be very talkative under the fumes’ effects, so they can make excellent speakers due to the eloquence achieved by the excitations of brain regions that do not commonly communicate.